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Leadership Legacy: Family Empowerment Tool Kit {A Review}

Leadership Garden Legacy sent us their Family Empowerment Tool Kit.

Quotes from the Kids
I’m glad I have a leadership garden. It’s a nice way to think of it ~Ceesa

Ceesa re-reading a chapter from the story

The Family Empowerment Tool Kit includes:

Physical Books:
U.N.I.Q.U.E. KIDS: Growing My Leadership Garden (ages 5-12)
U.N.I.Q.U.E.: Growing the Leader Within (ages 13 and up)
The Leadership Garden Guidebook

Downloadable Resources:

How it's designed
It is recommended that the adult or leader read the book U.N.I.Q.U.E.: Growing the Leader Within (or listen to U.N.I.Q.U.E.: Growing the Leader Within - Audio Book) and The Leadership Garden Guidebook. They have the fable, real-life scenarios, practice, journaling pages, and reader exercises.

U.N.I.Q.U.E. KIDS: Growing My Leadership Garden includes the fable and discussion questions.

The parent or leader can use the U.N.I.Q.U.E. KIDS Activity Guide & My Leadership Garden Journal for student exercises, tips for the teacher, learning standards, and research information.

Our Leadership Wheels

How we used it
I found it was easier to listen to the book between work in the kitchen and riding in the car. Then I would go over the individual activities and suggestions.

With the kids, I would either read the story or have them listen to the story. We would talk about the discussion questions and do some of the activities.

I made this drawing for the kids to explain what a leader is within the plant.
This is a completely secular program,
I added the sentence at the bottom to tie it into our Bible studies.

Goals the children set after listening to the first chapter
Ceesa wants to be brave, to help others, and love others. Jo-Jo wants to help Momma and Poppa and to believe what other people say is not true when they are hurtful.

Thoughts on how it worked for us
The kids really liked the story line and the main character in the story, a sheep named Hugh. He has come to the farm after witnessing what could very well have been his mother's last moments and is scared and feels all alone. Initially, I was worried about this storyline as both of my girls are very compassionate.

When the story was over, I asked them what happened to Hugh's mother (The story closes before he returns to his home.).  Jo-Jo said, "His mother is alive." Ceesa said, "I know nature says she would have been eaten. But for the story, I believe she is alive." So they both made their own happy ending. You can see their developmental thinking in their responses. Jo-Jo's response shows that she needs there to be a happy ending for building her comfort of what is right in the world. Ceesa's shows that she understands the reality of what would have happened, but that she chooses to make the story end happily. They both took from it what they needed.

The first couple of chapters, I was able to understand and follow. It was easy for me to explain how the terms applied and how it could come together. After the first couple of chapters, we all found it difficult to keep track of all the new terms and follow along with what the activities were. I have never taken a leadership course, so it was all very new to me.

It was hard to determine what we should complete, how to go about it, and when. A manual for the leader would be very helpful to tie everything together, so a novice would not only be growing, but leading effectively. A lesson plan format, suggestions of additional discussion, and samples of typical responses would round out a manual.

Although U.N.I.Q.U.E.: Growing the Leader Within is recommended for ages 13 and up, I would suggest the parent reads the book before assigning it to teens. There are situations that I would at the very least want to talk through with my child before allowing him/her to read it alone (the discussion of the author's mother committing suicide and of the author's divorce in particular).

What we learned
I think the most useful piece was being able to see how what we think as influenced by others has an effect on the way we perceive ourselves. This is important to me, that my children understand that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by an awesome, loving God. His opinion is the only one that matters.  

When I asked the kids what they learned...
Jo-Jo said, "I learned not to be afraid, to pull the weeds, and not to let blockers in my garden."  Ceesa said, "Do not judge people, things are not always what you think they are."

For the future
I would like to work on Biblical character traits that help us bear strong fruit and remove the weeds.

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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UNIQUE Kids MP3 photo leadership-kids-cdmp3_zpsaf402d56.jpg
UNIQUE Kids book photo leadership-uniquekidsbook_zps3822722c.jpg
UNIQUE Kids Activity book photo leadership-kids-activity-guide_zps54f3f800.jpgLeadership Garden Guidebook photo leadership-adultleadership-guidebook_zpsf2bbaaad.jpg

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Anonymous said...

I like your future goal! Stopping by from the Crew. :)

Bethany said...

I'd also like to focus on being joy. You know being the kind of person that leaves others with a feeling of joy. That takes a attitude shift. :)

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