Tuesday, March 5, 2013

To Spend Hours Finger Knitting: On Learning how to

When I was a girl,
I learned to finger knit.
I'm not sure how or who taught me.

One day (while we were watching
a Jane Austen movie-
I think Sense and Sensibility),
I taught Ceesa how to do it.
She loved it and started making lots of different chains.

It is fairly simple and I thought it would make a good
handicraft for your family!

Start by laying a piece of yarn
between your thumb and pointer finger.
The end should be behind your hand
and the length attached to the ball
should be across your palm.

Hold the yarn with your thumb.
Alternate the yarn around you fingers-
in front of the pointer, behind the middle,
in front of the ring finger,
and behind the pinkie.

Swing the yarn around your pinkie
and alternate the wrapping-
in front of the pinkie,
behind the ring finger,
in front of the middle,
and behind the pointer.

Wrap the yarn across the front of your fingers.

 Pull the yarn that you wrapped
in between your fingers
over the piece that is laying across
your fingers. Start with your pointer and

work your way across to your pinkie.

Take the length at the end
and swing it around the back
of your hand and
over the front of your fingers.

Repeat this several times.
Then grab the end of your knitting
(behind your hand). 

And pull it tight.
Then allow to slack.

 Continue until it is the length you wish.
Snip off about 3 inches and pull through the
loops on your fingers.

 They make lovely scarves and door hangers.
Ceesa even made a couple jump ropes.

Wishing you homeschool blessings,


verdemama said...

I loved to fingerknit when I was a kid. I think we had miles of it around the house by the time I'd had enough :)

Bethany said...

Me, too. I couldn't think of enough things to do with it!

MrsYub said...

My little sisters finger knit! I have been given braclets, ankle braclets, belts, and head scarfs!

Bethany said...

What great uses for the knitting!

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