Friday, March 29, 2013

Our Bible Studies

Why do we do Bible studies straight from the Bible?

For me, it is simple really. God has left his Word for us. Not to take it or leave it. Not to change it or water it down. He has left his Word so that we can KNOW what he wants breathed into our lives. We simply must pick it up. He will not force us to follow Him; we have to come to Him by choice.

So that is what we choose.

We break our Bible study time down into three parts.

Bible Reading: We read straight from the Bible (as soon as our kids can sit and listen to a story), so the Bible itself takes priority. Occasionally we will look at a print by an artist that shows a scene. When children can read at about a fourth grade level, ours start reading on their own in the Old Testament and 2 of gospels, making maps, studying pictures and doing additional research (we love looking into archeology). At about 12, children can look at doctrine, apologetics, how to teach the Bible, and working on understanding difficult doctrines.

Memory Verse: Once or twice a day we read a memory verse and commit it to memory by end of the week. I like writing the verses on this stand that I made. I put it is the kitchen so we can see it regularly.

Hymn Studies: We study one new hymn a month. Here are some that we've studied over the years.

There are some things that I hope my children will come to know by studying this way.
1) God is creator, king, Alpha, and Omega.
2) Jesus died for our transgressions and is the risen savior.
3) God is a loving father.
4) God is the ultimate authority.
5) We are mercifully given the gift of the Holy Spirit.
6) By grace alone, we are saved.

Wishing you homeschool blessings,


Ticia said...

I like the idea of a hymn study, I might need to add that in.

Bethany said...

I think it is Little Man's favorite part. Of course, he gets to be in charge of the Galaxy so that helps, too.

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