Saturday, December 1, 2012

McKinley National Monument and Museum

We took a special day for the whole family
and ended up visiting the
McKinley museum
and monument.

This statue was made from
a portrait taken of McKinley just
a few hours before he was shot.

The money for the monument came from
donations only.
 Great Britain contributed money as well.

Ida McKinley is interred beside
President McKinley.
In the wall behind the sarcophagus
their two children are interred.

President Theodore Roosevelt came
for the dedication ceremony.

Ida did not live to see the work to completion,
although she did give suggestions to the board
that designed the monument.

Both of their children died young
and President McKinley
was assassinated.
What a sorrow,
the First Lady must have felt!

Wishing you homeschool blessings,


FlyMama Di said...

I live a half hour from DC and I never knew or saw the things you blogged of! That's amazing. And I was wondering, "How does she get her kids to sit still through such tour information," and then I saw you have girls. That's like the difference between night and day!

Nice post.

Anonymous said...

I love teaching history, especially when you can interact with it! What a great place for your children to visit and see the human side of an important historical figure. Thanks for sharing!

Bethany said...

This monument is in that's why you didn't see it in DC.

My girls love history. They are the ones in the group that always ask questions and we usually are behind when everyone else is on to the next thing.

Bethany said...

Poppa loves history too. He was pretty excited to take the trip! It's not too hard to get the kids to interact when everyone gets excited about it.

Mary said...

I am bookmarking this post- I so want to go to these spots.

Bethany said...

The museum was really well done and tge monument was so very beautful.

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