Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Learning Latin

We're studying Latin for the first time this year. I've never studied it, let alone taught it before so I'm a bit nervous. We are using Latina Christiana and have both the student book and audio cd.

Although the lessons in the book are set up a bit different, we've made our own study. Our lessons will look like this:

1) Each day we will listen to the new word. Say it. Translate it.
2) Every week, we will practice a sentence or saying. Listen to it, say it, and translate it.
3) Recite the table blessing and song with the audio cd until we can do it without the cd.

We will continue this until we finish the book. After several weeks, we will add some of the free sessions from Visual Latin.

Amy from Peru at Fischer Academy International recommends these sources. We are planning to try them out.

Getting Started with Latin w/ free Audio files
Linney's Latin Class w/ free Lectures on the book for free online 
Latin for the first year 
Visual Latin

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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