Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today there was...

Today  there was...

Pretend play with boats, sharks, and islands;

pulling sod out of the new flower maze garden;



list making, oh, my...the official behavioral psychiatrist (Ceesa) came to visit. (Although I'm sure she doesn't know that term as we don't know of any. She even had a clipboard. Do they carry clipboards?)

Momma's normal behaviors included:
1) Work on Bills
2) Holds Little Man
3) Does math
4) Talks to herself (again..oh, my...)
5) Checks me for ticks
6) Makes art.
7) Cooks
8) Sews
9) Crochets
10) Loves to be the winner (Okay, again. Oh. My. To be far it is a wrestling game that I play with Little Man when he wants to burn some energy and giggle.)
11) Takes Little Man outside.

Jo-Jo's normal behaviors included:
1) Play Barbies
2) Play danger (yes, you guessed it, oh, my)
3) Loves danger (ditto)
4) Begs me to play Barbies
5) Forgets things :)

Poppa's normal behaviors included:
1) Watch TV
2) Works out :)

Little Man didn't have a list. That is probably a very good thing.

chick pea brownie making;


building train tracks;


box play with another list (Is it a rocket, car, castle, fort, boat, barbie house, airplane, cage, barbie garden?);

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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