Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My First Yarn Along: Crowns and Wands

My wonderful (first) cousin (once removed), Martha,
sent me a wonderful idea for crocheting...
a crown and wand.

In Waldorf style,
I got busy with my crochet hook and yarn.

I have worked on small projects before,
but this is my first yarn along!

My other projects:

crochet oversized mitten for Jan Brett's The Mitten Story
The Mitten 20th Anniversary Edition

Wishing you homeschool blessings,


Donna said...

So adorable!

A Faithful Journey said...

Everything is so cute! My daughter is sitting next to me while I read this and now she, of course, wants a wand and crown for herself! :)

Emma said...

Very sweet, we love that book too! What a great idea to make an over-sized mitten. Welcome to yarn along!

the mahogany way said...

Very cute! Would love to make these for my girls. Stopping over from Ginny's.

Lisa {DoleValleyGirl} said...

Cute, cute! Love Jan Brett books. :)

Stopping in from Ginny's,

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley

hannahw said...

Sweet! The crown and wand are great.. and every year we do a book study on The Mitten.. what a great mitten! My Friday's Nature Table post is here:

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