Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ocean Currents, Saltiness, and Temperatures

We've been studying a great deal on exploration with Marco Polo.
Next, we are going to look at some famous explorers of the Americas.
It seemed a perfect opportunity to learn about the oceans.
Winds make currents in the water.
Eventually the water mixes from one area to another.

Salt water sinks and fresh water rises.

Hot water rises and cold water sinks.

The saltier the water the heavier and the colder the heavier.
In the ocean, the layers are (from the bottom to the top),
cold salt water, warm salt water, cold fresh water, hot fresh water.
And finally wind makes currents.
Wind is created when hot air rises.
Cooler air pushes into its place.
This replacement of air makes wind.

We always record our results...

These great experiments were inspired by

You can see how their family set up the projects and
step-by-step directions for each project
at their blog. Thanks Phyllis for the terrific ideas!

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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Phyllis said...

Thank you, Bethany, for leaving such sweet comments. I am so happy that you tried them out and they all worked so well for you!!

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