Saturday, March 3, 2012

Composer: Bela Bartok

Bela Bartok is one of our composer for this term.

Bartok was born March 25, 1881 in Hungary. His mother began teaching him how to play piano at a very young age. He was quarantined from other children after he was given a vaccine and developed a rash. He would listen to his mother play for much of his amusement. As he grew older, he was especially interested in the folk music of his country. In 1940, Bartók moved to New York to escape from Hitler. He died in September 26, 1945.

We will be working on String Quartet no. 1 in A minor, Concerto for Orchestra (Sz. 116, BB 123), and Mikrokosmos. Mikrokosmos is one of his most loved pieces.

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