Monday, February 13, 2012

Marco Polo Study: Tibet

~photo courtesy of Google maps
The region of Tibet has many yak that move in wild herds. The yak provides the people with many foods:  meat, butter tea, butter, and yogurt.
When Marco traveled through Tibet he reported on rivers with gold dust, dogs the size of donkeys, wild oxen, musk animal (ox), falcon, tigers, bamboo, and "numberless towns and castles in a state of ruin."
Bengal tiger

Tibetans enjoy momos. They are fairly simple to make. We made 2 cups of meat mixture (Ours had taco meat, red beans and rice, and cheese-not traditional for Tibet, but a yummy combination. For a more traditional blend, see this site).

Then we made the dough: 3 cups flour and 3/4 cup water. Once the dough is at a good texture, break into 12 pieces, and roll into circles.

Next, we stuffed them with meat and twisted the dough on top. Then we greased our double boiler, heated the water, placed our momos in the pot in a single layer, and steamed them for 10 minutes.

They were a perfect lunch!

Photos courtesy of See our References for more information.
I am working on a year long series on the Polo family travels and thought I'd share it with you. Enjoy and please post any additional information you have for us or corrections.

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See Jamie blog said...

Those do actually look pretty yummy. Not that my kids would actually eat them, but they're picky! I would, though! :)

air conditioning melbourne fl said...

Looks like it was sooo good :) I think that my kids would love to eat these! Thanks for posting the article! :)

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