Sunday, January 29, 2012

Camel Caravans, Mosaics, Weaving, and Robots

We have been busily working, but not sharing.

we made these caravan in a sand storm pictures.

With our Persia study, we made mosaics.

And one of the kiddos
thought of this basket weave
for our study of Turkey.

Then after reading Andy Buckram's Tin Men

this was the project of the weekend...

We have three robots now.

Oh and then there was the face in the apple...

We've veered a bit from the curriculum this week.  :)

Wishing you homeschool blessings,


Jennifer said...

We recently decided that we're going to homeschool our two children. I love your ideas and I will be following your postings much more closely.

Thanks so much for the ideas and inspiration!

Bethany said...

Congratualations! Homeschool is a great joy to us.

Phyllis said...

I think your caravan pictures turned out great! Love your other projects, too.

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