Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunflowers and Goldenrod Soldier Beetles

The Sunflower
Eagle of flowers!
I see thee stand,
And on the sun's noon-glory gaze;
with eye like his they lids expand
And fringe their disk with golden rays;
Though fixed on earth,
in darkness rooted there,
Light is thy element,
thy dwelling air.
Thy prospect heaven.

We planted a sunflower house this passed summer.
What is left is rather dreary now, but it was rather glorious.

We took lots of pictures and we've been learning lots about not only the sunflowers,
but the goldenrod soldier beetle (which is pictured too!).

The kids adopted a goldenrod soldier beetle (great for gardens). They named it bumble as it has the makings of a bee under it's wings.

Wishing you homeschool (and gardening) blessings,

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