Friday, February 18, 2011

Bullbat or Nighthawk

When we began
the folk song
Tall Men Riding,
I tried to find some information
on the bullbat.

Then  today
we were reading
chapter 23
The Burgess Bird Book for Children (Four-color Illustrated Edition)
and discovered
that the nighthawk is sometimes called...
you guessed it...

Here are a couple of videos
we watched about the bullbat... 

Wishing you homeschool blessings,


amy in peru said...

what fun!! these connections are SO much fun!! and I LOVE that quote in your sidebar! hilarious. only a homeschooler ;)

amy in peru

Serena said...

Thank you for sharing this! We hear these a lot in the evening around our house and never knew that noise was made during a dive.
We are Amblesiders too! Following your blog now, Thanks. :-)

KayPelham said...

I never thought when we were doing Tall Men Riding to even inquire about a bullbat (or maybe I've forgotten.) That was a hard song for me. We would sing with the YouTube, but I also tried to work out a piano arrangement for us to sing with and really struggled with it. We enjoyed Waltzing Matilda (Term 1) and Botany Bay much more. Those piano arrangements were better because I could put a little bounce in them. Just couldn't get the rhythm right on TMR.

I noticed on the other Tall Men Riding post that you did Tree in the Trail this year. Did you have a Year 2 student? James and I just finished Year 2.

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