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Reading List: First Grade

It can be really hard to find books that are appropriate for your child and on his or her reading level. So...

Here is a list of books that are on a first grade reading level. We've used all of these and enjoyed them.

As always, you should read any books you give your children first to decide if they are right for your family. Hopefully, our list should make it easier to narrow them down.

Fruit Salad Butler
Huggles Breakfast Cowley
What are you? Butler
A Toy Box Butler
Who Likes Ice Cream? Butler
Helicopter over Hawaii Williams
Building with Blocks Cutting
What did Ben Want? Theodorou
My Shadow Depree
The Seed Young
Time for Dinner Mitton
Who Likes the Cold Williams
Every Morning Williams
Here's a House Randell
Tim's Paintings Holloway
Socks Telford
Eating Bruce
Animals Theodorou
Where is my Pet?
The Royal Family 
Moms and Dads
Look What I can do
Early Reader: The Royal FamilyTreesMoms and Dads (Rigby PM Collection: PM Starters One)Look What I Can Do

Give me a Hug by Jillian Cutting
My Friend by Jillian Cutting
At the Zoo by Beverly Randell
Cat and Mouse by Beverly Randell
Faces by Jillian Cutting
The Long, Long Tail by Joy Cowley
The Chocolate Cake by June Melser
 The Airplane by Jillian Cutting
 I Love my Family by Joy Cowley
Snap! by Joy Cowley
Two Points by Jane Kennedy and Audrey Eaton
Ball Games by Jenny Giles
Ben's Red Car by Beverly Randell
The Rock Pools by Annette Smith
Cat on the Mat and Friends. Brian WildsmithI See ColorsEarly Reader: Here's SkipperEarly Reader: I Can Write. Can You?The Way I Go to School (PM Starters)My Home (Sunshine Fiction, Level 1, Set C)PM Starters: Sally's New Shoes

Baby Lamb's First Drink
The Big Kick
Kitty & the Birds
Tiger, Tiger
The Photo Book
Wake Up, Dad
Where's Tim (Sunshine Books)
Wake Up, Mom! (Sunshine Books)
Our Grandad (Sunshine Books)
Ice Cream (Sunshine, Level 1 Set D)
Let's have a swim! (Sunshine books)
The dragon (Sunshine extensions)
I Am a Bookworm (Sunshine Fiction, Level 1 Set C)
A hug is warm (Sunshine fiction)
Hedgehog Is Hungry (New PM Story Books)
Buzzing flies (Sunshine fiction)
My Dream (Cat on the Mat)
What a Tale

The Big Hill (Story chest)
The Big, Big Mountain
Go to Sleep!
Fur by Mark
The Ball Bounced
The King's Surprise (Seedlings)
Where Are the Sunhats? (PMS)
Take a Bow, Jody  Eaton
I Can Build a House (I Can Do It All By Myself)
Tom Is Brave: Leveled Reader (Levels 3-5) (PMS)
Ali's Story

Blackberries, Leveled Reader (Levels 6-7): Rigby Pm Platinum (Pms)
 The Hungry Kitten, Leveled Reader (Levels 6-7): Rigby Pm Platinum (Pms)Father Bear Goes Fishing: Leveled Reader (Levels 3-5) (PMS)

Brave Father Mouse Randell
Baby Bear goes Fishing Randell
Hermit Crab Randell
Mrs. Wishy-Washy Cowley
Little Bulldozer Randell 
Where's Spot? Hill 
It Looked Like Spilt Milk
Lucky Goes to Dog School Shaw
A Friend for Little White Rabbit Randell
Sally's Red Bucket Randell
Go, Dog, Go! Eastman
Five Little Monkeys Christelow
All by Myself Meyer

 Cookie's WeekBaby Bear's Present, Leveled Reader (Levels 9-11): Rigby Pm Platinum (Pms) Rosie'S WalkJust Like Daddy
TitchSpot's First Walk (color)Sheep in a Jeep Lap-Sized Board BookMore Spaghetti, I Say! (level 2) (Hello Reader)

The Carrot Seed 60th Anniversary EditionHansel and Gretel: Level 1 (Read It Yourself, Ladybird)

What Game Shall We Play?Just Me and My Dad (Little Critter) (Look-Look)Just Me and My Puppy (A Little Critter Book)George Shrinks (Reading Rainbow)Goodnight MoonThe Enormous TurnipWe Are Best Friends (Mulberry Books)You'll Soon Grow into Them, Titch


 Angus and the Cat (Sunburst Book)Are You My Mother?Big Dog...Little Dog (Beginner Books(R))Father Bear Comes Home (I Can Read Book 1)Good-Night, Owl!Hattie And The FoxHappy Birthday, SamHenny PennyA Rainbow of My OwnRed is BestRobert the Rose Horse (Beginner Books(R))Spot's Birthday Party (color)Tidy TitchFour Bears in a Box: Blackboard Bear; We're in Big Trouble, Blackboard Bear; I Sure Am Glad to See You, Blackboard Bear; And My Mean Old Mother Will Be Sorry, Blackboard Bear (Miniature Edition)

You can support us by buying them through our link, but you can access these from your local library for free.

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